Towards a Friendly and an Accessible World

There is no doubt that any community consists of different social groups who all contribute in creating a harmonious and strong social fabric. Men, women, children, elderlies, and people with disabilities are all regarded as basic components of any community. They all live together, breathe the same oxygen, share different daily details, and try every moment to cope with life issues in order to move forward with best gains and least losses.

However, there is also a persistent issue that should be always kept in mind to in order to address the needs of particular social group that might be considered somewhat marginalized and forgotten in many cases. People with disabilities are people who suffer from obstacles while practicing their daily activities due to a mental or physical malfunction in one or more body organs. People with disabilities constitute a considerable percentage in societies as a whole and in Jordanian society in particular, as they constitute 15% globally, and (11%) locally. These percentages are significant and should be taken into account. In addition, such percentages raise many concerns regarding the processes they follow to perform their daily tasks and to what extent such social groups can access public facilities and use different utilities.

A lot of messages and demands all over the world have been calling to ease the life of people with disabilities and make it more accessible through inclusion. The inclusion process cannot be achieved without unifying channels of cooperation and efforts of individuals, humanitarian, public and private sectors, as well as governments. Creating ideal environments to suit all social groups in general and people with disabilities in particular is not an easy task. Yet, believing in ourselves that we are capable to have such friendly and accessible environments is the first step to achieve such a goal.

Great changes start from a good idea, believing in the idea, then taking actions. Habitat for Humanity Jordan is one of the NGOs which believe in the inclusion of people with disabilities wholeheartedly. It always makes sure by the efforts of its team to provide them shelter services that match their needs to help them practice their daily activities easily and smoothly.