World Water Day 2022

On World Water Day, Habitat Jordan Supports Digging Wells to Harvest Rainwater

On World Water Day, a team from Habitat for Humanity Jordan visited three locations in one of Irbid governorate’s villages (located in the northern part of Jordan) where water wells have been dug for vulnerable families, widows and their orphan children, and families with low income. It is worth mentioning that the local community at that area must buy water almost every week. People there do not get water like others in main cities due to water scarcity Jordan suffers from, stressing on that Jordan is the second country in the world in terms of water scarcity. This effort is paid in partnership with one of local and reputable CBOs in the area that benefit from the Revolving Fund program revenues and use them for digging wells besides some other donations from locals. In 2021, a hundred wells were dug, and the efforts have been continuing so far.