• Haitham Alzuraiqi, Senior Operations Manager; supervises and manages the overall office operations, programs, and staff affairs. Has extensive experience working with UN and International humanitarian organizations.
  • Bshara Al-Kopti, Finance/Admin Manager; works on several areas related to finance, accounting, logistics, procurement, and HR matters. Joined Habitat in 2015.
  • Mohammad Malkawi, Program Manager; focuses predominately on the Global and Local Volunteering programs, and manages several Community-Based Organization (CBO) portfolios. Mohammad has been working with Habitat since 2005.
  • Fadi Lada’a, Program Manager; manages Data and Information as well as the portfolios of many Community-Based Oganizations and supports the Global and Local Volunteering programs. Fadi has been working with Habitat since 2008. 
  • Wala’a Karasneh, Project Coordinator
  • Mohammad Odeh, Engineer
  • Maysaa Abu Murad, Community Mobilizer
  • Sumaya Alhadyan, Social Worker
  • Mohammad Dawood, Driver