Completed Projects


Revolving funds: We provide families with low incomes access to finance through local Community-Based Organizations; enabling them to build or rehabilitate and repair their decrepit  or substandard homes.

Middle East Initiative: As a result of the large number of refugees taking up residence in substandard housing, our Middle East Initiative program was launched in 2017. The initiative is designed to repair and rehabilitate low quality homes of displaced people and vulnerable host communities in an effort to improve their living conditions and restore their dignity.

Affordable Green Housing: The project applies environment friendly and affordable design and building strategies; demonstrating that green passive solar techniques are applicable, effective and affordable even for low income community groups. Through this project, we have retrofitted 48 existing homes and built three new energy-efficient homes. More significantly, the project helped raise  awareness amongst home owners in five separate local communities and trained 15 local contractors/builders.

Rehabilitation of schools (Slovakaid):   Through the generous donation of  the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (Slovakaid), Habitat rehabilitated two schools in Amman, and six in the city of Irbid; north of the capital. The rehabilitation work was carried out to improve the infrastructure of educational institutions in order to support refugee communities’ access to education.

Global Volunteer (GV) Program: Habitat for Humanity Jordan hosts volunteers from different parts of the world, (United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates), to support low income families in building or rehabilitating their homes. The volunteers stay with the local communities to carry out and complete the building project. As a member of a Global Village Team they get first- hand experience of what it is like to live in challenging conditions imposed by poverty and living in substandard housing in the developing world.  As the volunteers get to know their host-family, they also learn about their hopes and dreams, which are not that different from their own. 

Local Volunteer (LV) Program:  This program aims to foster a volunteering culture amongst youth in Jordan, through working with local schools and encouraging students above the age of 16 years old, to participate in building and rehabilitating homes of low income families


Habitat for Humanity in Jordan has successfully completed the: (until 2018)

  •  Rehabilitation of 8,300 households
  •  Building of 370 new homes
  • Rehabilitation of 8 schools
  • Installing of 200 solar heating systems, five solar cells and 50 water tanks