Join a Global Village Team

The volunteer work in Jordan aims to break cultural barriers and challenge misconceptions and stereotypes through inclusivity and teamwork.  Historically, volunteers joining the program come from diverse backgrounds and different nationalities; from as close as neighbouring Lebanon and as far as Canada. The program continues to grow and 34,000 volunteer hours were recorded in 2016 alone.
In the Global Volunteer program, volunteers are hosted by a local family for a period of one week. The volunteer lodges with the family and shares meals with them, while helping them build a resilient, well-founded home.
The impact of the experience on volunteers can be summed up in message shared with us from a volunteer from Canada who said: “I felt part of the family, for a few moments the religious “barriers” disappeared, and we were just people, enjoying each other’s company, forgetting what makes us different and enjoying what brought us together. We were like one big family.. very special!”