Volunteer Engagement

  • Volunteer work in Jordan aims to break cultural barriers and negative stereotypes by being inclusive of all participants and encouraging teamwork between persons from different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • Volunteer engagement in Jordan is continuously growing and involves two significant volunteer programmes:
    Global Volunteer (GV) – This programme allows volunteers to be hosted by a local family for one week. Staying, sleeping and eating with a family, while helping them to build a resilient home. Volunteers come from around the world, from as close as Lebanon to as far as Canada.
    One of the Global Village volunteers from Canada stated: “I felt part of the family, for a few moments the religious “barriers” disappeared, and we were just people, enjoying each other’s company, forgetting what makes us different and enjoying what brought us together. We were like one big family, very special!
  • Local Volunteer (LV) – More than twenty teams of local volunteers are formed each year. They dedicate their time to help to build strength, stability and self-reliance. These groups include both local Jordanians as well as school children.