The World Health Day 2022

We are at Habitat for Humanity Jordan takes urgent actions to keep our beneficiaries healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well- being.

On the World Health Day, we -at HFH Jordan- like to share some of our practices to keep Our Planet & Our bodies Healthy so we can help in creating societal well-being with others…

  • HFH Jordan raises beneficiaries’ awareness in terms of saving energy not only to reduce bills expenses, but also to reduce pollution and affect people’s health positively on the long run.
  • HFH Jordan builds homes for local communities, rehabilitates substandard homes for refugees and vulnerable communities in Jordan, rehabilitates schools and local CBOs, bearing in mind:
  1. Following constructional solutions to get rid of moisture covering the walls of the house (this helps in preventing/ reducing some respiratory diseases such as the asthma).
  2. Installing main house-gates and new windows to prevent water leakage and cold wind entering homes (this helps in reducing seasonal illnesses such as flu).
  3. Looking for different constructional solutions to offer better home-ventilation (this prevents providing a favorable environment for insects and bacteria and relieves feeling of depression).
  4. Conducting referrals regarding health services to specialized NGOs.
  5. Substituting chalk boards with white boards when rehabilitating schools (this prevents some respiratory diseases).
  • HFH Jordan implements a project aims to increase access to green and affordable housing, encourage adopting green principles, and strengthen climate resilience at a household level. HHFH Jordan Retrofits homes into green criteria using the following methodologies:
  1. Planting trees around homes.
  2. Encouraging water harvesting for everyday uses, such as drinking clean water, having shower, irrigating plants, and others).
  3. Insulating the walls of the house to obtain suitable temperatures in summer and winter and prevent moisture on the walls to happen.