Manar’s Story

A Story Told by A Needle and Threads

Everyone has dreams he/ she likes to make them true. People who enjoy a decent and dignified life might have better opportunities to reach their goals and touch their dreams. A dignified life gives dreamers a room to think of themselves, believe in their potentials, and stand firmly on a solid ground, so they can move forward without the fear of falling.

Habitat for Humanity Jordan believes that a dignified life starts from having a decent home. It believes that “decent homes” is the key element for vulnerable people to think of new solutions and look for possible opportunities hoping for a better life, as decent homes grant them the piece of mind that helps them think clearly, positively, and go out to the world fresh with vitality.

According to HFH Jordan, shelter services are from the most important humanitarian services that could be provided to vulnerable people. This idea has profoundly assured after the breakout of Covid-19 that swept the world, proving that “home” is the first line of defense to protect people from the virus clutches and its implications

I wish I can buy a computerized embroidery machine to produce a higher quality pieces and train the women of the neighborhood” Manar, a Syrian refugee mother in her thirties, said. She is one of those women who have dreams and potentials at the same time. She dreams of having her own small business to support her family and secure her family’s basic needs side by side with her husband. Manar is a talented woman who likes to work in the field of embroidery; she makes lovely, embroidered masterpieces from colorful threads that sway between her fingers like magical rainbow rays on pieces of cloth. She is also a very good teacher, as she taught her daughter knitting and making dresses for dolls.

However, Manar, her husband, and her 2 daughters live in a rented house with poor and unhealthy conditions, besides the difficult financial circumstances they must deal with every day. Therefore, HFH Jordan hurried to rehabilitate their home through MERCI project that aims to build, rehabilitate, and repair homes for Syrian refugees and vulnerable local communities. They made sure to conduct some rehabilitation work like installing health units, repairing electrical wiring, plumbing the kitchen faucets, and changing the old rusty main gate into a new one to ensure having more security. HFH Jordan also referred her case to other NGOs hoping for getting more humanitarian services to have a better life quality, and some of such NGOs responded immediately.

Manar today can do her house chores faster than before due to the sanitation work. She also lets her daughters play in the front yard with no worries as the gate is closed well and secured. Accordingly, she can practice her hobby of embroidery producing new pieces for her few customers with more love and joy, looking forward to being supported to start her dream project, as she dreams to become a trainer in the same field.

Habitat for Humanity Jordan (HFH Jordan) is a non-profit housing organization that has been working in Jordan since 2002 with the Ministry of Social Development. Throughout the years till today, HFH Jordan has been implementing 2 main projects in different areas in Jordan targeting vulnerable communities (Jordanians with low income, and refugees): The Revolving Fund Program (RFP), and Middle East Refugees Crisis Initiative (MERCI). The projects are implemented according to a clear and flexible plan that goes in line with beneficiaries’ needs, their geographical distribution, and a specific timeline. For more information:

“Embroidery is my passion; I have been used to embroidered since my childhood. It is the best way for me to relieve the daily stress”.