The Local Morning TV Show of Jordan Hosts HFH Jordan in Salt Governorate

Habitat for Humanity was pleased to be hosted by one of the most important local TV shows to talk about its achievements in Salt governorate through its partnership with one of the most popular and active CBOs there. The local morning TV show of the official Jordanian tv channel “Yawm Jadeed”: A New

Day, hosted Mr. Fadi Allada’a, the Program Operations Coordinator, to explain in detail the fruitful partnership that has been taking place for more than a decade with Basmet AlKheer Ladies Charitable Society. The interview took place in the same CBO during a local exhibition held there by a group of female volunteers and some women beneficiaries.

They were exhibiting some food items, traditional dresses, and handcrafts. Some of the participants benefited from HFH Jordan shelter services, basically from the Revolving Fund project: a project that aims to provide homes’ rehabilitation, repair, building, and other professional services to low-income Jordanian families and provide them with micro funds through facilitations provided from CBOs that have partnerships with HFH Jordan, since these CBOs work as a mediator between HFH Jordan and local beneficiaries.

Fadi Allada’a went through different points during the interview. He presented HFH Jordan to the audience and quickly went through its field of work, goals, and vision. He clarified the NGO working process in the field of shelter and the project HFH Jordan implements not only in Salt governorate, but also in other governorates in the northern and middle regions of the kingdom, such as Irbid and Amman governorates. He also talked about the deep-rooted partnership with Basmet Alkeer CBO and the achievements conducted within this cooperation.

Having such an interview is considered important as it sheds the light on HFH Jordan work in different Jordanian governorates which lack different types of services and have poor infrastructures in some areas. It pinpoints the significance of shelter and shelter literacy in people’s life for having a decent place to live and accordingly can improve their life in other aspects. It also raises people’s awareness of the HFH Jordan field of work and builds credibility in people’s minds.