On World Habitat Day, Habitat for Humanity Jordan Arranges for a Voluntary Day and Chooses to Go Green

On World Habitat Day, Habitat for Humanity Jordan Arranges for a Voluntary Day and Chooses to Go Green

HFH Jordan is happy to celebrate World Habitat Day this October since this day is considered as an icon for its existence and achievements in the area. Celebrating this day is a kind of a reminder not only for Habitat for Humanity everywhere, but also for the whole world that there are millions of people everywhere who need a shelter to protect them from dangers outside and embrace them safely. Celebrating such a day stresses the fact that everyone deserves a decent home.

Therefore, HFH Jordan had arranged a voluntary day where its staff was happy to go to the Northern part of the Jordanian kingdom, mainly Irbid city and clean one of the forests there “Bargash”, side by side with

members of a CBO, which HFH Jordan networks with to serve people in the area. The whole staff worked hard and energetically as a beehive collecting rubbish into plastic bags. They distributed themselves here and there working as one unit making the place cleaner than before and making it a better place for people to spend their free time and enjoy the green nature. HFH Jordan chose to clean a forest as an essential part of Habitat today’s plan, which is to go green, believing that the earth is humanity’s number one home, and realizing that a clean environment would lead to a healthy life inside and outside homes. After collecting more than 70 plastic bags of rubbish, the staff headed to a benefited family home, as they with cooperation and networking with Al Sanabel Al Thahabyya Association had dug

a water well to collect rainwater in their house yard. This step has been taken due to water scarcity Jordan, in general, suffers from and as a way to reduce the invoices’ cost which the family is supposed to pay on a monthly basis.   

Then, the staff visited some Christian religious historic places in the same area. They were taken to a church, and to the Oil Press cave (Jesus Cave).  They listened to some religious stories from the guide, took photos, and at the end of the tour they went to have lunch all together.

Habitat For Humanity Jordan (HFH Jordan) plays an important role in making vulnerable

communities places of living more decent and more convenient in different poor parts of Jordan. It seeks to make homes for every individual a better place to live, where they can enjoy more qualitative standards of living through implementing different projects targeting various vulnerable communities, such as low-income Jordanian families and refugees.