Housing Microfinance Impact Assessment: Improving Quality of Life

Beginning in 2015, Sunrise MCF partnered with Habitat’s Terwilliger Center to improve and expand their housing microfinance products. A new report of an assessment, which examines the impact of two products – energy efficiency and home improvement loans – on low-income borrowers’ quality of life, is launched.

The report shows several expected and unexpected outcomes that have been resulted from the partnership, according to the assessment conducted. Most significantly, in the last 12 months, the cost of electricity has been 5% reduced, household savings have been 8% increased, and an increase in the percentage of women’s investment in decision making for over 10% have been occurred as well.

Housing microfinance loans help families improve the safety & security of their homes.  Yet, access to such loans can also contribute to other improvements in quality of life, such as preserving family ties among family members, leveraging their social status which makes families prouder and saves their faces, and accordingly achieves social cohesion.