World Environment Day 2022

Habitat Jordan Plants Colorful Flowers Celebrating World Environment Day

As the world annually celebrates The World Environment Day on the 5th of June trying to mitigate environmental pollution and find sustainable solutions to keep our planet safe and healthy, Habitat for Humanity Jordan decided this year to celebrate this day in its own special way. After completing one of the communal projects at one of local CBOs, Habitat Jordan team visited the CBO bringing with them a number of flower-seedlings to plant them in a planting area located next to the outdoor playground.

They also cleaned part of the green areas there and irrigated the trees that surrounded the playground.Furthermore, some plant pots were put in handmade macrame plant hangers to make the place more beautiful. Such hangers were made by female beneficiaries who regularly visit the CBO to receive services and get different types of training.It is worth mentioning that “Only One Earth” is the slogan which the United Nation

has launched for the World Environment Day 2022 to highlight that the earth is the planet people live on and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it.

To confirm the same idea, HFH Jordan always gives great attention to the environment while its activation in the areas of its projects’ implementation, through adopting green building techniques, raising beneficiaries’ awareness in terms of saving energy, and encouraging them to follow green practices.