Bunches of Love to People Everywhere on World Mental Health Day 2021

Bunches of Love to People Everywhere on World Mental Health Day 2021


Today, the world is celebrating World Mental Health Day, after the World Health Organization had launched a campaign slogan of 2021, which is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality”. Mental health is defined as the emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing, in addition to handling stress to make best choices. It is important for people to have a healthy mental status as it affects different daily physical activities, such as having enough sleeping hours, eating well, having high physical energy, and being more active. In addition, a healthy mental status makes people feel more positive and optimistic, build better social relations, develop skills, help others, be more creative and more.

During 2020 and the implications that took place in the same year due to the breakout of Covid-19, the significance of mental health has appeared clearly as the pandemic has had a major impact on people’s mental health. People almost all around the world were forced to stay at their homes, considering them the first defense line from being infected by the virus, and the only safe place for people to protect themselves from any danger that might occur due to coronavirus. Therefore, different daily activities were canceled, and new problems have arisen, and even exacerbated especially for those who are pre-experiencing mental disorders, most importantly home violence, stress, pressures caused due to loneliness, losing jobs and others.

However, governments all over the world, especially after what their peoples have experienced, realized the significance of creating an environment that urges people to have mental health conditions. They have started to unify their efforts to scale up the quality of mental health at all levels, after the World Health Assembly that took place in May 2021, hoping for having a life that is full of peace of mind and happiness.

Habitat for Humanity Jordan is Just like other humanitarian organizations that work for the sake of humanity. It works for securing a decent life for its beneficiaries, considering enjoying this right as one of the major ways to have a very good mental health, as homes are considered the place where people spend most of their time inside with their family members. Habitat for Humanity Jordan believes that a decent home with good conditions enables people to unleash themselves to think clearly, positively, and openly outside while they practice their daily activities and communicate with others.

On this occasion, Habitat for Humanity Jordan is sending bunches of love and appreciation to those who battle with mental health, and to those who work in the frontline with people to protect them from any mental problems. It sends bunches of respect and pride to its workers who fight for delivering a humanitarian message filled with care and embracement.