A Grateful Message to a Great Woman from Habitat for Humanity Jordan

Fatimah Al Qudah (Um Yousif) is a widowed mother and a grandmother of a large extended family in the village of Um Alyanabe’e, near Ajloun. She holds big responsibilities as she supports all her family members and tries her best to be an effective part within her community.

Fatimah is a well-respected woman and a successful leader; she is a hard a worker and has dedicated herself to benefit her community and serve its members by paying great volunteering efforts and participating in different community projects. She is a role model for all her family members and friends as she represents a strong woman who could have overcome many obstacles and tries to help others every day.

The vibes of love and care she has are clearly shown in her eye-looks, her facial expressions, warm palms, and great reactions, especially when she communicates with people. She proved that she is an excellent communicator, a wise advisor, and a great listener. She also tries to show her care toward others and cooperation all the time.  She always helps others, giving them valuable pieces of advice whether they are telling her about a problem they have, asking her to give them a hand, or even asking her about how to cook her tasty dishes.

On the International Widows Day, the team of Habitat for Humanity Jordan is pleased to have Fatimah (Um Yousif) as one of the organization’s beneficiaries and is also honored to send her warm greetings, as she is a great mother to everyone.