It is Time to Step up Confidently

”You are angels sent to us from God” …

These are the words Rida Ali said with a big smile when he greeted the team of Habitat Jordan at his home.Rida is an old man, who lives in the Eastern part of Amman with his beloved family and caring wife, in a house in which stairs should be taken to reach its main gate. 20 years ago, Rida had a car accident. Therefore, a sheet of metal was fitted to his left leg. Today, Rida still suffers from the accident effects, and has a herniated disc of several vertebrae in his back and neck, which makes him use a crutch to walk. He was also diagnosed of having Behcet’s syndrome, which worsened his health circumstances.

When Getting Home is Dangerous!

Unfortunately, getting in and out of his home was unsafe for Rida; the stairs did not have handrails or any kind of handles which Rida could support himself while taking them, and this caused him fell from the stairs more than one time and got hurt. These accidents provoked Habitat Jordan team to act quickly. So, they visited him, conducted a socio-economic assessment,

and assess his home conditions.

Terrible Problems

During the visits, it was found that the home of Rida and his family facingother problems besides the front stairs.  The shower box for example was an obstacle for Rida to have a safe shower as there was a step that increases the possibility of falling. Also, there were two bedrooms whose walls are covered with molds, and a musty smell fill the place. Such smell made his daughter sick and suffers from an asthma.

The main house door as well was too old; runny water during rainy days used to enter the house through and under it. In addition, the house was dark and gloomy, and the sun light was unable to enter it.

Habitat Jordan Quick Intervention

Because Habitat Jordan seeks for offering its beneficiaries a decent place to live, it conducted a prompt intervention. Habitat Jordan team fixed a new, wider house door, to enter the house easily and prevent water from leaking during rainy days. Walls isolation from mildew and painting work were conducted. The shower box was maintained, and the step was removed. Electrical installations were also done. New cupboards for the kitchen were added, and most importantly a handrail and a long handlebar on both sides of the stairs were installed.

Rays of Hope & Happiness Enter Rida’s House

Habitat Jordan does not only work to achieve mere house rehabilitation; it also tries to give its beneficiaries who live difficult conditions a big punch of happiness. Rida today enjoys the small front house garden, as he can go up and down easily without the risks of falling. Rida, who is smiling all the time showing the world his optimism, told Habitat Jordan about his prays to have his house problems solved, then the team came to his house “out of nowhere”, according to him, describing Habitat’s team as angels sent to him by God. Today also, Rida’s daughter

can sleep well; she does not cough at night anymore and does not complain from any health complications regarding her problem. His wife now is relaxed; she takes care of her husband easily. Rida and his wife also told us that the sun rays visit their house daily and they enjoy it every morning, and the home lighting has become better, as the sun rays light their home almost all day long filling it with hope and energy.