Safeguarding Training

SAMS Delivered a Safeguarding Training to Habitat Jordan Team

The team of Habitat for Humanity Jordan (HFH Jordan) is pleased to have the opportunity to receive a 2-day training delivered by The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) in Safeguarding. Safeguarding a set of policies or procedures aim to ensure that all children and women have the right to be protected from any harm through adopting certain prctices. Since HFH Jordan is a non-profit

organization that works with all social attributes, women and children are part of them, it was necessary for HFH Jordan to train all its staff members on safeguarding and make them learn more about the correct procedures that must be taken in case there is any Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, or Harassment reporting.

The training was delivered by 3 professional trainers, who enriched the attendees with valuable information and leveraged their capacity in this topic. The trainers touched different topics in the same regard, such as defining SEAH, explaining possible contexts of these violations, showing SEAH standards, talking about possible risks and expected or unexpected issues.

HFH Jordan was concerned of taking such kind of training as it adheres to Safeguarding policies since its beneficiaries are number one concern.